I love Jamie Cullum

I’ve seen Jamie Cullum in concert three times now. The first, in San Diego, at a multi-act concert put on by a local radio station. That’s when we first heard of him. He was a last minute replacement act for someone. He blew us away, and we went out and bought his music (two studio albums, Pointless Nostalgic and Twentysomething, at that point).

Saw him a year later at the House of Blues after the release of his third album (Catching Tales). Got to meet him after. Very sweet. Drew a piano on my cd cover.

Then we saw him at the Avalon in L.A., about three (?) years ago, with the release of his fourth studio album (The Pursuit). By then Clint Eastwood had had him record “Gran Torino” for the film. Supposedly, Clint was in the audience that night. I was pressed up against the stage and able to hand him a drawing I had done for him. Tit for tat, and all that.

I bring up these instances now because they were all intimate affairs, and made me feel like he was “mine”. Or “ours”, since Husband was with me each time. I was five rows back for that first concert, met the man personally after the second, and within 5 feet of him for the entirety of the third.

I’ve been anxious to see him again and was happy to see a US tour was announced today. Sure enough, he’s playing in Dallas in January (road trip!) but, alas, it’s at the American Airlines arena, in support of Billy Joel. Nosebleed seats going for $110 a pop. So not the same. So, we’ll just wait for the US release of his sixth studio album (Interlude) in January. In the meantime, enjoy this video from his fifth studio album, Momentum, which we were also unable to see him tour in support of. Love this guy. So good.

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