What Have We Learned, Audra?

No sales yesterday at Kerr  County Market Days.  The crowd seemed kinda light to me, but even those that did stop by didn’t do anything other than compliment.  After a while, “oh, that’s so cute” doesn’t feel like a compliment when it’s followed by the person NOT making a purchase.  I didn’t have the nerve to say to any of them, “it’d be even cuter in your house!”.  Maybe next time.

So, I left the Market feeling irritated and slightly depressed.  It’s so hard to put so much effort into an endeavor, particularly one who really care about, only to have your efforts met with….meh.  Fortunately, it didn’t take me long to regroup.  By the end of the evening, I was already looking ahead to next month’s Market and what I could do to jumpstart the sales.  It was helpful to be able to look at yesterdays’ experience and find the successes, even though they weren’t financial.

  1. I had a greater percentage of people come into my booth versus just walking past as though it wasn’t there.
  2. Some newer items, slightly different than any of my other offerings, seemed to garner positive attention
  3. I had some positive interactions with my visitors.  This is particularly important, as I don’t consider myself a “people person”, so being able to find ways to communicate is key if I’m to succeed in sales.

So, I have some work to do, but feel somewhat proud of myself for not feeling defeated.  I’ve got some ideas for my products based on the feedback I received, will be adjusting the booth setup again, and have some ideas that will hopefully improve my interactions with people and, consequently, turn them into paying customers.

All in all, not too bad, I’d say.

Purple Heart Nightlight
Purple Heart Nightlight

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