Tonight I did something I never do…and I did it twice.  First, I was trying to reprint a sign for the arts and crafts show I’m participating in tomorrow, however, my magenta ink cartridge had other ideas.  Refilled the tank. Check.  Cleaned the heads. Check. Magenta still woefully absent.  Check, check, check.  Then, something amazing happened.

I walked away.  I actually took a step back and said to myself, “this isn’t that important, not so much that I’m going to spend the rest of the night fighting with a machine.  I have other things to do”.  For those that know me, this. is. huge.  Once I start on something, I can’t walk away.  EVER.  I become determined in a sometimes frightening way, and have been known to lose my temper.

See, someone is rude to me, and I am able to turn the other cheek, but a DVR not working?!  OH. HELL. NO.

It was a breakthrough.  Then I had another one.  My back has been bothering me quite a bit since I went down to San Antonio to celebrate with my boy Timmy and the rest of the Spurs, so I’ve been pretty inactive this week.  I finally felt well enough today that I decided to create a few more bottle nightlights.  I added a few more to the collection, and had just one more to finish before I was to call it a night.  But the power drill wasn’t holding a charge.  And the color finish on this bottle was chipping a bit.  And I was getting tired of leaning over the bathroom sink to keep the drill bit under water.  So I walked away.  AGAIN!  I put the bottle aside and told myself, “next time”, and packed up the new inventory for tomorrow.  I then walked into the living room and told my husband about my breakthrough moment[s], and I swear, he looked around for a pod.  I don’t think he could have been more proud of me if I’d run a marathon.

Now go google “pod people Donald Sutherland”, and have a pleasant evening.  I will.  Not obsessing.  Except about which spelling of ‘huzzah’ I should use.  But that only took a minute.  😉

Tru Blood Nightlight
Tru Blood Nightlight


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