“Free” Time

The kidlet is at day camp all week, so I was looking forward to some time to myself to get some serious work done. Not just repurposing work or artwork, but work around the house, the yard, etc.  Then my mother announces she has “an idea”.  Now, I love my mother very much, and am SO GRATEFUL that she has a loving heart and a genuine desire to help, but that sometimes translates into being harder to say “no” to.  I’ve gotten much better about being able to do so, but, in this instance, I knew it would be better to go along.

In this instance, she acted as the spark plug to get me moving when she came over Monday and Tuesday of this week to help me get my front porch in order.  Yes, we closed on the house this past December, but we didn’t get all of our belongings from California until mid-January, and I’m STILL putting things up, and STILL missing several things, no doubt lost in the chaos that is the garage.  And even though I had planned on spending part of the week getting my garage to a workable state, i.e., being able to repurpose in their without jumping over items like they’re land mines, I admit it felt good to get the front porch more presentable.  Our front porch is huge, big enough to entertain on, so making it presentable reminds me of one of the reasons we bought the place.

Next step, hang the bench swing.
Next step, hang the bench swing.

I also managed to dust, vacuum, put up some designer cling film in the windows in the living room and at least partially declutter.  Add clean sheets on the bed and a quick shower, and I’m feelin’ pretty productive right now.

Then there’s the garage.  I swear, I *will* get out there tomorrow.  The garage is reason number 2 we bought this place.  It’s 900 square feet.  NINE HUNDRED!  That’s bigger than the house my husband and I lived in when we were first married.  And, since we only have one vehicle right now, I can use almost half of it as my workshop.  Once I get it straightened up.  Which will not happen in one day.

Good thing I’ll have more “free” time when Boo goes to Art camp week after next.

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