It’s Always Something

  • Products      √
  • Display Items     √
  • Cash for change     √
  • Bags and Bubble Wrap for sold items     √
  • Torrential downpour that soaks you to the bone and keeps most paying customers away     √

Oy.  First, after my last post, my husband pointed out that I was remembering the date of the craft show incorrectly.  I actually had 4 days LESS to prepare than I thought.  But, I got everything handled and was ready to go on the 24th.  So were there storm clouds.  

I was encouraged when I first arrived, because the people who ran the craft show were SO. MUCH. NICER. than those I’d worked with in Orange county.  Helpful, polite, and patient.  Polar opposites of my experience.  Got the tent up.  Light rain.  People wandered in.  First sale within 30 minutes!  Woo hoo!  Another sale an hour later.  Yeah!  End of the day, one last sale.  Only three, but I’ll take it!  It can be looked at that I paid for my booth with my sales, and made an extra $3.  Or, if you discount what I paid to be there and only look at profitability per item, I was up $16.  Groovy.  

Day two.  DOWNPOUR.  I show up, and most of my t-shirt bags are soaked, but everything else in the tent was in good shape.  I had to revise my display, since it was still raining, but made the best of it.  Rain, off and on.  Lots of compliments.  Lots of “oh, that’s so cute”.  No sales.  By the end of the day, my husband and I had to bite our tongues with every “oh, that’s so neat!”, since NONE of these people bought anything.  “Oh, yeah, if it’s so cute, why don’t you BUY IT!”  I wasn’t completely depressed, but I was perturbed that it seemed like all the obstacles I’d experienced in California were replaced by the one obstacle I DIDN’T have in OC….bad weather.  

No worries, however.  A visit from Ben & Jerry’s and a good nights’ sleep and I was ready to face another challenge.  31 days to go!

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