It’s been YEARS since I worked a craft show, but in a couple of weeks, I’ll be jumping in the pool again, and I’m NERVOUS.  As my hubs points out, however, this is a different animal.  First, when I worked a show before, it was an “artisan’s corner” within a much larger non-artisan marketplace.  So, there I was with my handmade jewelry, trying to sell my wares for a decent price, while just around the corner, someone OUTSIDE the artisan’s corner was selling their made in China trinkets for $5 a pop.  Countless people would stroll by my booth and declare either, a) “oh, I can make that” or b) “aren’t they selling earrings for $5 around the corner”? It was so frustrating, and downright depressing.  I lost money and time there, not to mention some self-esteem.

The market I’ll be participating in here in Texas is a bit different.  A) No jewelry for me.  I’m DONE with jewelry. Beyond burnt out.  Instead, it will be my bottle nightlights and t-shirt grocery bags and jewelry boxes with my personal artwork on them, etc.  B) It’s artisan only.  No cheap0 China stuff to compete with. C) This is Texas.  While it has its’ share of twits, they don’t compare to the people I met over 14 years in California in terms of friendliness (or lack thereof).

My biggest concern is my mood, and to not get down if I don’t have great sales right off the bat.  I’d be less worried about that if I weren’t prone to depression.  But since I am, I’ve already started working on the positive self-talk.  “View this as a learning experience”.  “Take the opportunity to meet people”.  “Get exposure”.  Do or do not, there is no try!  I WILL have a positive experience, whether I make money or not.  17 days to go!

2 thoughts on “Deadlines

  1. The retail end of things- in any of its various forms- can be a maddening place. Especially if you’re an artist, since your creations are so much more than a commodity, they’re a piece of you, personal. What you do is about more than a sale, it’s a piece of your story. That’s worth more than all the gold in . . . ahem . . China.
    Best of luck to you.

    1. You’re right, what we create is so personal, but what I need to hold onto is the joy I feel in the process. It also helps me to look at a list of the places where I know my artwork hangs, based on previous sales. I mean, my work is on someone’s wall in France…in the UK…in Australia. That blows my mind! Thanks for your kind words.

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