It’s been almost a year since I posted, and there have been MASSIVE changes in my life.  But, I posted all this a few hours ago, only to realize that I posted it to an old blog, and not the proper blog (this one), and, since I deleted the plugin blah, blah, blah…I ain’t writin’ that whole thing over again. Oh, and it appears that when I imported all my old blog posts into this blog, none of the pics transferred.  Awesome!

Key points of todays’ post:

  • Sold house in California
  • Paid down about 2/3 of our debt
  • Living in Texas hill country now in bigger house on a lot almost four times as big for which we paid less than half of what we paid for in California
  • I don’t have to work in corporate ‘merica any more!!!
Animal, Patron Saint of Crazy Artists

Yeah, really thrilled with that last one.  When I’m not taking care of the house and kidlet, I can paint and repurpose to my heart’s content.  And I turned our third “bedroom” into my art studio…with red walls and Animal watching over me.  Kewl.

Also, I’m dabbling in affiliate marketing so please don’t be offended by any links included on this site.  I got a kick-ass, mother-of-all easels for about 1/10th the price, so I figure I’ll start with a link to that product.  We’ll see how it goes.

Never has more text been written to avoid offending so few people.  😉

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