Missed repurposing opportunity

To get to our driveway, I have to drive through the alley that runs behind our house.  It is in this alley that we always see couches, chairs, doors, headboards, dressers…and it is this alley that I send my husband to fetch things I’ve driven past.  Heh, he’s 11 years younger than me, and more fit, so there.

Last night, I came home from work, and he was in the kitchen cooking dinner.  “Huuuunneeeyyy, I saw something in the alllllleeeeeyyyy” I said through smiling lips.  He laughed and said, “yes, I saw the wooden ladders, but figured they were too rotted to use”.  “But, can you check them?  Please”. 

By the time I left this morning, someone else had taken them.

I was gonna try this. Or this. Or maybe the hanging lantern thing from here.

Not that I have any more room.  Drawer coat rack coming soon, though!

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