The saga continues

I ordered a zigzag foot with a shorter neck. Then found the original zigzag footer that came with my ancient Kenmore in the garage while pulling out baby things to give to my brother for his son due in the next few weeks.

So I cancel the order and happily put the zigzag foot on, thinking, “yeah, I finally get to sew some grocery bags!”. The stitch looked like a drunk tried to walk a straight line. The needle doesn’t move back and forth. So I remove the needle, the foot, the thread, the bobbin…all so I can take the machine apart. I clean up inside the machine and oil the bajeebus out of it. The needle moves back and forth. “Yeaaaahhhhh!” But then the thread bunches up under the fabric. I realized I put the needle in wrong. But I’m too tired and frustrated tonight to correct the problem.

Take 3 shall be tomorrow.

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