False start

So, it took me forever to find a zigzag footer for my ancient, but still functioning, Kenmore sewing machine. Then it took weeks to arrive. And when it did arrive, hubs took it out of the envelope and left it on my work desk. Big mistake. a) I came home each day looking for a small padded envelope, not the footer itself and b) I’m a clutterbug in my workspace. So, several days after it arrived, hubs told me it had arrived and seemed shocked I hadn’t noticed it. I guess seven years of marriage hasn’t taught him about the clutterbug thing.

After all that waiting, I thread the machine with my heavy-duty, specially ordered for this project, thread on the machine. I was so excited. I was gonna finally make my first t-shirt reusable grocery bag. I then add the new footer. It fits, but the neck is so high, the foot won’t rise to allow me to slip the fabric in. So I couldn’t sew the bag. Oy.

Now I have to return the footer and find another one with a shorter neck. Oy, again.

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