Need more space!

When I step back and look at all the things I’ve collected to repurpose or redecorate, I realize I need a whole other house!  Well, maybe I don’t need THAT much space, but I do need to get crackin’ with these things.  Too bad I can’t take a month off work to get it all done.  But who am I kidding?  I’d get half of it done, then find another 20 things I want to work on.

Maybe I should get tested for ADHD.  Is there a test for the packrat gene?

One of the great things I’m getting from all this, aside from a creative outlet, is I’m learning more about ways to cut down on our consumption.  The times that I feel down, worried about finances or our future, I look around at …all….this….stuff.  It gives me something new to think about, like, “how did we get so into ‘stuff'”?  I don’t just mean “we” as in the Arr family, I mean the proverbial “we”.  Us.  The village.  Especially this time of year, so many of the messages we see in the media imply, if not outright state as fact, that happiness can be found at [insert department store name here].  If you really loved your husband, you’d buy him a smartphone.  There are so many more ways to tell someone you love them other than buying them a new laptop or a tablet computer.  Though I need one of those tablets.  Well, maybe not need, but want.  And a new desktop.  And a new toaster.

Oh, nevermind. <sigh>

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